Recent Projects

A Swan Custom Pool House in Leominster, MA

Kathy had been dreaming of an entire backyard makeover for quite some time. An inground pool was just the thing she wanted. But what was a pool without a pool house? She envisioned a serving area to accommodate a crowd of friends and family along with an indoor area that would provide a space for both relaxation and entertainment. A climate controlled environment was a....

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A Swan Custom Pool House in Medfield, MA

Debbie had a pool and a beautiful back deck with an outdoor kitchen. However, the summer sun made the patio too hot for their enjoyment. Even after the sun went down, enjoyment was far away, because bugs were always bothering them. They also wanted to be able to watch TV when in the pool or relaxing poolside.

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A Trestle Custom Shed in Hopkinton, MA

Jamas wanted a new shed. He was tired of storing his lawn tractor, yard tools, and gasoline in his attached garage. This was the perfect time for him to install the much needed shed, as he had recently repainted his house and was getting ready to landscape the area next to his garage.

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A Trestle Custom Garage in Waltham, MA

For some time, James had been dreaming of a new custom garage that would complement his historic 1800’s Victorian home and utilize some old restored windows. His old garage was just too small for his vintage car hobby. A few of the cars needed to be stored in the driveway under car covers.

Baystate Outdoor Personia worked with James to design and build his garage....

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A Swan Custom Pool House in Marshfield, MA

Alyssa had just signed a contract for a new pool and needed a place for storage, a place to change, and a place to entertain. She could only imagine what it would be like to have all the children coming into the house to change; therefore, she wanted to keep the pool party out of the house. She also thought it would be great to have....

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A Swan Custom Pergola in Boston, MA

Stephen was in the process of renovating a housing complex in Connecticut and needed to replace a deteriorated outdoor pergola. He looked  online for a custom pergola but couldn’t find the exact design he wanted.

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A Swan Custom Pergola in Braintree, MA

Hassan had a patio he used often. While his family enjoyed the sun, the lack of afternoon shade limited his family’s enjoyment of the area.  Hassan desired a shade option that could give him the opportunity to have full shade, partial shade, or no shade at all.

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A Swan Pergola for the Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Plymouth, MA

This four-star property needed to bring charm and elegance to the outdoor veranda adjoining their ballroom. The space was 16 feet deep and more than 50 feet long with an outdoor fireplace at one end, but it felt too wide-open and uninviting. The Inn envisioned a cedar pergola to provide shade and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. After a number of attempts to sketch what....

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A New Steeple Cupola for the Church of the Holy Spirit, Charlestown, RI

The cupola on this century-old church had deteriorated beyond repair and was the source of leaks into the church. With limited funds, parish leaders set out to find an affordable solution.



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A Swan Custom Pergola in Norfolk, MA

Shery had a pool area with a pool house built into an adjacent garage, but wanted to build a fire pit with a shaded area closer to their pool because their pool deck was open and fully exposed to the heat of the sun. Their dream paver patio needed something to provide relief from the sun.

Our consultant discussed some of their thinking in terms....

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